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ADD your Ebook to our bookstore

All year round we add books our bookstore for our eReaders and we would love to add yours to our store! Whether you decide to offer your book in one format or three, we can’t wait to work with you. 


CASH FLOW + Marketing

We want to pay you 60% of the gross profits! This is unheard of! Not only do you have a chance to make a passive income, but we design all of own marketing materials that are made available to author to use as well. 


With our parent company Winn Publications LLC hitting thousands of website views and clicks a month, we are confident that not only will your book be seen, the chances of it being purchased are high. We will be applying some of the same marketing tactics. 


Not only will your book be made available in the Georgia Poe Lit Bookstore Online, but you can request to make it available in the W.E. Bookstore, and potentially any of our sister imprint’s online bookstores.  

HEre's How

Complete the form below and expect to receive an email from (check your spam and save us in your contacts) confirming that we’ve received your submission. It will also include a copy of our GPL agreement. Do not submit your files before receiving confirmation. 

Respond to the email with your ebook/s files (PDF., or ePUB, MOBI) that you would like to make available for readers attached. You will be sent a non-refundable invoice for $20 per title. If you need help with converting files we charge an additional $50 per title per conversion. 

Because we are accepting all poetry submissions now until Oct. 1, 2020, you will also respond with the GPL agreement signed and invoice paid. Upon receiving the required materials, your ebook will be made available in our bookstore in 10 days or less! 

Fill Out The Application

If you’d like to include more than one title, please list all of the information requested here for each title on one application. Otherwise notify Georgia Poe Lit when you respond to our email. 

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